Week 1 


Monday: Mindset

Tuesday: Sanitation

Wednesday: Locs vs Dreads (What is the difference)

Thursday: Consultations

Friday: Tools, Graduation, Recap of the week, Q & A’s

Week 2

 Starter Locs


Monday: Locing tools, combs, methods of locing, hair textures

Tuesday: Types of Locs (Free form, micro locs etc.)

Wednesday: Washing hair, shampoo’s & conditioners

Thursday: Loc & Twist Kit

Friday: Recap of week, Q & A’s


Week 3

Loc Maintenance


Monday: Washing and maintaining starter locs, 1st retwist, washing mature locs, Loc maturity

Tuesday: Clipping difference between single prong and double prong

Wednesday: No clip method

Thursday: Guest Speaker (Interlocking, Crocheting)

Friday: Recap of week, Q & A’s


Week 4 

Styling & Repairs


Monday: Barrell Rolls & Fish tails

Tuesday: 2 Strand Twist

Wednesday: Petals

Thursday: Rod curls & Pipe cleaner curls

Friday: Recap, Q & A’s


Week 5 

Building your brand/business


Monday: Investments

Tuesday: Advertisement, Quality over Quantity,  video vs pictures

Wednesday: Financial Literacy: Credit & Debt elimination

Thursday: Opportunities

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